News and Announcements

New 6dan’s at Torrance Dojo

Special congratulations to Jarrod Hatakeyama-sensei and Masao Suzuki-sensei for passing their 6dan examination this weekend in Las Vegas

Sckf Individual Championships

9 - under
Kantosho - Tyler Yang
10-11 years
Kantosho - Aomi Nishikawa
3rd place - Alina Shieh
1st Place - Shawn Yang
12-14 years
2nd place - Rei Elliot
15-17 years
1st place - Hugo Mizuhashi
Adult Kyu
3rd place - Abraham Ruiz
Senior Division
2nd place - Tetsuya Iwasaki
Men’s Championships (Yudansha)
2nd place - Julian Williams
1st place - Arashi Steele

SCKO Memorial Team Tournament

11 and under:
1st Place (Shawn, Alina, Calvin)
2nd Place (Hugo, Luke, Dave)
1st Place (Julian, Damian, Arashi)
2nd Place (Dave, Zidi, Masao)
Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants for representing Torrance Dojo so well

2022 ENGO Scholarship Junior Kendo Championship

1st: Calvin Shieh
3rd: Shawn Yang
2nd: Hugo Mizuhashi
*Best 5 Team*
Calvin Shieh
Christian Kawano
Rei Elliot
Rui Elliot
Hugo Mizuhashi
Today’s teamwork was awesome 👍👍Congratulations!

2022 Nisei Week Tournament

Happy to say that Southern California Kendo Federation (SCKF) held its first Kendo tournament in over 2 years, missing do to Covd restrictions in California. Last Sunday, April 30, 2022, the (early) Nisei Week Tournament was held in Little Tokyo Terasaki Budokan which marked the return of Kendo to LT in many years. This was a youth/non-yudansha tournament that had participants from So. California Kendo Organization (SCKO), No. California Kendo Federation (NCKF), Western Kendo Federation (WKF), and Central California Kendo Federation (CCKF).
The event was done with protocols, including masking, for all participants, officials, and spectators. Everyone was happy to just get back to doing shiai. In the end, we were all winners!

congratulations to Torrance Dojo Sensei!!!!!

Congratulations to new 5Dans Allyson Dong Sensei from Costa Mesa, Julian Williams Sensei, and Damian Williams Sensei from Torrance. New 6Dan Hansoo Kim Sensei from Torrance. New Renshi Danny Yang Sensei from Torrance and new Kyoshi Shuntaro Shinada Sensei from Alhambra!!

2022 SCKF Spring Shinsa

Great job at SCKF Shinsa today✨✨ Congratulations to those that passed👍

2022 SCKF Fall Shinsa

SCKF Fall Shinsa
10/16/22 El Rancho HS

Congratulations to our Torrance sensei!!!

Congratulations to our Torrance sensei’s at the AUSKF high rank examination 👏👏 Julian & Damian Williams (5 Dan), Hansoo Kim (6 Dan), Danny Yang (Renshi) 

Torrance Kendo Practice Restart: 2/1 (Tues)



Just a reminder that we will return to the dojo on Feb 1 (Tues).

Please keep in mind the following requirements to return:


  • Everyone must continue to wear a mask at all times (including periods of heavy exertion)
  • Members that are not fully vaccinated must be tested weekly and submit negative results (taken within 72hrs)
  • Everyone must continue to self-screen for symptoms and stay home if they exhibit any symptoms.
  • Do not attend practice for 10days if you have been in close contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID (or submit negative results)
  • Report to sensei’s within 24hrs (or ASAP) if tested positive for COVID (so other members can take proper quarantine measures).


Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.

Hope to see you next week.






SCKF Fall Shinsa

SCKF Team Championships

Nikkei Games 8/13/23? (tbd)

SCKF Kata Seminar

AUSKF Championships 6/30-7/2/23, Detroit

AUSKF Championships 6/30-7/2/23, Detroit

SCKF Individual Championships

SCKF Spring Shinsa

Shinkyu Shinsa
Saturday 4/22/23, 10am
El Rancho HS


APRIL 15, 2023



SCKF Shinpan Seminar

SCKF Shinpan Seminar
Sun 3/26/23, 9am-4pm
El Rancho High School, Pico Rivera

North-South Tournament

2023 North-South Tournament
Sunday, 3/19/23
San Jose, CA