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**Important Notice**
Torrance Kendo Family
Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy (and at home).
As you can imagine, we will most likely need to cancel practices for the remainder of April.
All SCKF events (Promotion test, Nisei Week Tournament, Team practice) have also been cancelled.
We plan to follow National/State/City guidelines accordingly and will advise once we can resume.
Thank you all for your understanding.

Cancellation of the 2020 National Kendo Championships on July 17-19
Dear All, Hope everyone is safe and well during these critical times.
Due to the uncertainties with the pandemic of COVID-19,
the AUSKF Board of Directors have decided to cancel the 2020 National Kendo Championships in Detroit on July 17-19.
We will keep you posted on what AUSKF will do regarding the National Kendo Championships.

For now, please be safe!

“Kenyu” represents the theme of Torrance Kendo Dojo. This word is composed of two characters: “Ken” (sword), the first character in “Kendo,” and “Yu,” derived from the word “Tomo” (friend). Combined, the two characters form the word “Kenyu,” or “Friendship through Kendo.” We believe Kendo is a pursuit in which one will naturally develop deep camaraderie, trust, and loyalty through rigorous training and diligent study.

These relationships form not only between Sensei (teachers) and Kenshi (students) within one’s own Dojo, but between fellow Kendo practitioners throughout the world. Over the years, Torrance Dojo and its members have had the privilege to practice and develop “Kenyu” with Sensei and Kenshi from the United States, Japan, Korea, and many other countries throughout the world. These relationships are something that we will continue to cherish for many years to come.

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