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Kendo Family!!!

2023 US Championships 06/30/2023 ~07/02/2023

Torrance members at US Nationals! This is the largest tournament in the USA and it’s a great opportunity to represent both your dojo and federation!
to all those who participated, and all the support received from parents, volunteers, and fellow kenshi!
Torrance dojo member results:
- 1st Place Men’s Team: Dave Nam, Damian Williams, Julian Williams, Arashi Steele, Jason Brown
- 1st Place Women’s Team: Song Yi Yang
- 2nd Place Mens Individuals: Jason Brown
- 3rd Place Mens Individuals: Julian Williams
- 3rd Place Junior Youth Team: Rei Elliot, Christian Kawano
- 3rd Place Senior Youth Team: Hugo Mizuhashi
- Kantosho (Fighting Spirit) Women’s Individuals: Song Yi Yang
Coaches: Christopher Yang, Danny Yang


Another tournament in the books and a great turnout by Torrance Dojo! See full results below ⬇️
9 & Under:
- 2nd Place: Tyler Yang
10-11 YRS:
- 1st Place: Musashi Yang
12-14 YRS:
- 2nd Place: Christian Kawano
15-17 YRS:
- 1st Place: Rei Elliot
Women’s Championship
- 2nd Place: Zidi Allison
Men’s Championship
- 1st Place: Arashi Steele
- 2nd Place: Julian Williams
- 3rd Place: Damian Williams
- Fighting Spirit: Hugo Mizuhashi

SCKO Memorial Team Tournament 06/11/2023

SCKO Memorial Team Tournament! Congratulations to all the participants - thank you parents and senseis for your endless support.
12-14 Junior Youth
- 1st Place: Musashi Yang, Shawn Yang, Ethan Choo
15-18 Senior Youth
- 3rd Place: Christian Kawano, Rei Elliot, Hugo Mizuhashi
Adult Kyu
- 3rd Place: Nick Ogino, Hunsoo Choo, Abraham Ruiz
- 1st Place (Torrance B): Dave Nam, Masao Suzuki, Jason Brown
- 2nd Place (Torrance A): Julian Williams, Damian Williams, Arashi Steele
5-Person Federation Shiai
- 1st Place: SCKF (Hugo Mizuhashi, Arashi Steele)

SCKO Memorial Team Tournament

11 and under:
1st Place (Shawn, Alina, Calvin)
2nd Place (Hugo, Luke, Dave)
1st Place (Julian, Damian, Arashi)
2nd Place (Dave, Zidi, Masao)
Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants for representing Torrance Dojo so well

53rd Anniversary Salinas Kendo Tournament

11-13 YRS:
1st Place - Musashi Yang🥇
2nd Place - Shawn Yang 🥈
14-17 YRS:
1st Place - Hugo Mizuhashi 🥇
3rd Place - Rei Elliot 🥉
3rd Place - Christian Kawano 🥉
3rd Place - Abraham Ruiz 🥉
YUDANSHA (1-2 Dan):
2nd Place - Dave Nam 🥈
YUDANSHA (3 Dan Up):
1st Place - Julian Williams 🥇
2nd Place - Damian Williams 🥈
3rd Place - Arashi Steele 🥉
1st Place - Musashi Yang, Shawn Yang, Christian Kawano, Rei Elliot, Hugo Mizuhashi 🥇
1st Place - Julian Williams, Dave Nam, Arashi Steele, Damian Williams, Jason Brown 🥇
2nd Place - Zidi Allison, Masao Suzuki, Jarrod Hatakeyama 🥈

The 81st Nisei Week Kendo tournament!

Torrance Dojo had a great showing at the 81st Nisei Week Kendo tournament! Great job to all who participated! Congratulations to those who placed!
10 and under - Tyler Yang (Kantosho - fighting spirit)
11 to 13 years - Musashi Yang (1st Place🥇), Shawn Yang (2nd Place🥈), Ethan Choo (Kantosho - fighting spirit)
14 to 15 years - Rei Elliot (1st Place🥇), Christian Kawano (2nd Place🥈)
Adult Kyu (3kyu - 1kyu) - Abraham Ruiz (2nd Place🥈), Hugo Mizuhashi (3rd Place🥉)

2023 AUSKF Jr. Open Championships

The  2023 AUSKF Jr. Open Championships! This is the largest tournament for the youth (18 years and under).

9 and under - Tyler Yang (fighting spirit)
10 to 11 years - Alex Hur (fighting spirit), Musashi Yang 🥉
Youth Team - SCKF 🥈 (Shawn Yang and Musashi Yang)
Boys Team - SCKF 🥈 (Ethan Choo, Christian Kawano, Hugo Mizuhashi)

Congratulations to those who placed! And good job to all who participated!

Torrance Dojo New 7 dan !!!!

North South Tournament at San Jose!

11 to 13 years
🥇 Musashi Yang
14 to 17 years
🥇 Hugo Mizuhashi
18 and over Kyu
🥈 Abraham Ruiz
1 to 2 Dan
🥈 Joshua Paulsen
5 Dan and above
🥇 Jason Brown
🥈 Arashi Steele
🥉 Julian Williams
🥉 Masao Suzuki
Men’s Team
🥇 Damian Williams, Julian Williams, Arashi Steele, Jason Brown were selected on a team of 7 to represent SoCal
Good job everyone!


SCKF Fall Shinsa

SCKF Team Championships

AUSKF Kendo Summer Camp 8/25-27/23, Las Vegas NV

AUSKF Summer Camp and Shinsa
Fri-Sun, 8/25-27/23, Las Vegas

Nikkei Games

2023 Nikkei Games Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Sunday, 8/6/23
Cal State Long Beach

AUSKF All Japan Champion Seminar

Rentaro Kunitomo Sensei( FUKUOKA Police Department)  who is a champion of All Japan Kendo Championship in 2019 will be visiting LA and hold a Kendo seminar.  

You will learn the top level of KENDO as well as teaching techniques to raise strong kenshi at your dojo.
Date : Sunday, July 23nd (9:00-16:00) 
Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm *Registration 8:00 - 8:45
Location : Cerritos( Don Knabe) community regional park gym         
                   19700 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703 
 (*** If location is changed, you will be received the information before the seminar)
Participation fee :$40(Cash or Check only) Pay on the seminar day at the registration table
Eligibility: Kyu and Dan , kenshi who wear the kendo-Gu.
Lunch : Bring your own lunch
Contact:   Seminar In charge: Yukiko Miura  (
                  AUSKF Education Committee:  Hayato Okawa  (
*Registered kenshi will be assigned into small groups prior to the seminar, so if you have to cancel the seminar for any reason, please contact us prior to the seminar day.


SCKF Kata Seminar

AUSKF Championships 6/30-7/2/23, Detroit

AUSKF Championships 6/30-7/2/23, Detroit

SCKF Individual Championships

SCKF Spring Shinsa

Shinkyu Shinsa
Saturday 4/22/23, 10am
El Rancho HS


APRIL 15, 2023